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The JALPLAST line is a dermal epulotic containing aluronic acid as the key compound, where the latter stimulates the natural healing process of the organism’s tissue.

JALPLAST maintains the wound moist resulting in promoting its healing and considerably reducing its duration.

Scientifically, this is a biological polysaccharide (glycosaminoglycan) which is found in the extra cellular foundation of most tissue, especially when developing or replenishing.

In simpler terms, it is a natural product made by the organism itself, which contributes to the healing process by functioning like a 'sponge' since one molecule of aluronic acid can bind with 109 water molecules, and releases them when increased mechanistic pressure is applied.

Aluronic acid is absorbed minimally by healthy skin, does not cause local irritation and does not present systematic toxicity or side effects.


Aluronic acid is recommended for the following dermal impairments:

  • Dermal damage irrespective of cause.
  • Faint venous eruptions.
  • Pressure wounds.
  • Dermal injury from radiation.
  • Post-burn and post-trauma dried scabs.
  • Post-trauma sores.

Important advantages of the JALPLAST line: :

  • They are the only epulotics with aluronic acid.
  • They significantly decrease the healing period in comparison with conventional therapies.
  • Rapid alleviation of symptoms.
  • Offer exceptional aesthetic and functional results in wound healing.
  • Do not bring about unwanted effects, as aluronic acid is a natural skin product.
  • They are easy to use.

Gauzes for deeper wounds such as:

  • Dermal damage irrespective of cause
  • Faint venous eruptions
  • Post-traumatic wounds

Gauzes for deeper wounds such as:

  • Dermal damage irrespective of cause
  • Faint venous eruptions
  • Post-traumatic wounds

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